Why your business cards should be effectively designed

Since the business cards are used to be circulated to several people, it is very essential that your card is effective. There are few people who are not able to figure out the essential details that you should be including in your business card. If you are also one of those then you can seek for help online. There are online articles that can help you to know what your business card should comprise of. You can even hire the printing firm for getting your printing cards designed and printed. Such firms will guide you well what you should include in your business cards and what can be ignored.


Business cards are basically information conveyors and at the same time they are also a way of marketing or advertising your product or your company’s name. Therefore there are a lot of elements to be kept in mind before getting your cards designed. Firstly your card should be of perfect dimension. It is important so that the receiver will keep it safely in his or her wallet and will not ignore it. Secondly your card should be deigned well. This is important so that people show interest in reading them. Thirdly it should have good and to the point content so that readers get to know about you and your business with not much reading.

People who are not confident to do all such things on their own and feel like they might end up with unsatisfactory results, the best way is to go for a reputed and experienced firm. 55 Printing is a good option to check out for getting your business cards designed and printed. They provide you best quality at an affordable price that too within very short span of time. Thus, you need not have to comprise with anything rather you get everything perfect.

Buying a used car Sight Unseen

You just bought a used car and you’ve never laid eyes on it! Are you crazy as everyone you know screams that? No, you’re not and I will tell you why.

It may not be the most preferred way to buy Tampa used cars but you can actually buy a pre-owned vehicle without ever physically seeing it until it’s delivered to you. With technology being what it is today, you can shop for a used car sight unseen with confidence even in other markets.

Here are some simple things you can do to protect yourself from getting burned:

  • Pictures ask for lots of pictures with close up shots of seats, any physical damage, scratches, and make sure you get interior and exterior shots.
  • Used Car History Reports. Make sure at the very least you get one report. CARFAX™ or AutoCheck™ both supply great reports. It’s advisable to get both if you’re buying sight-unseen.
  • Use a third party automotive inspection service. Find a reputable service that will inspect the car on your behalf and give you a comprehensive report.

If shopping from a dealer be sure you look at online reviews. Shopping on eBay™ you can see the dealer’s ratings.

Another overlooked item is shipping. If you’re shipping a vehicle that you bought here are some things to make sure the trucking company has:

  1. Proper DOT license. Don’t use some fly by night service just because it’s less money. There is a huge reason it’s cheap!
  2. Make sure the trucking company has enough insurance to cover your vehicle. The rule of thumb is $500K to $1 million dollars in coverage. Your vehicle is likely not the only one on the truck. Ask to see the coverage reputable trucking companies will share this with you.
  3. Enclosed or open trailer. It’s your choice to choose open or closed trailers. Depending on the vehicle that is being transported will determine the style trailer.
  4. When you receive the vehicle go over it with a fine-tooth comb. Inspect the car for freight damage such as windshield chips, door dings, and rock chips. You will have an inspection form from when the car was picked up, check the report for reference.
  5. Check the VIN number that it matches your paperwork. The VIN number is in the corner of the driver’s side windshield. The VIN is 17 digits and alphanumeric number.
  6. Check and make sure that all the equipment, owners manuals, and extra keys are present.

For consumers shopping currently a service that has a lot to offer is beepi.com. A pre-owned shopping site for consumers looking to purchase a used car, sell a used vehicle or get a vehicle inspected. With a one-stop shopping experience.

The inspection service is comprehensive. It’s certified by beepi.com, giving you peace-of-mind that the vehicle you’re considering is sound.

By doing your homework you can buy with confidence sight-unseen. If you come upon any resistance when considering a vehicle simply pass. If a seller won’t cooperate with you, then pass on the vehicle. Plenty of nice folks and dealers that will provide you everything you need to make an informed decision.

People that are having the ESA approval must k now their rights

It is a matter of fact that it is very hard to challenge the law because it is the law that controls the violence. If there is no law then the violence and all the things will go wrong as there will be no one to stop them. So the law is the main thing that controls the violence and punishes the criminals. There are different types of laws and acts that are used and talking about the emotion support animal approval you have two laws that one should know the value of these two laws that are the rights of the people that are having the ESA approval. There are two acts that are very much for the people that are having the approval for ESA and they are air carrier access act and the fair housing act. Both acts are very much similar to each other but are used in different places.

In the fait housing act you have the right to keep the animals in the house. Not only the personal house but if you are living in the rented house, apartment or condo then also you are having the rights to keep the animal with you. In this fair housing act you have the rights as well as you don’t have to pay any fees for keeping the animal in the house. These two emotional support animal laws are very much beneficial to the people that are required the ESA approval. In fair housing act you can only have the animal in the house that is qualified and other animals are not allowed. The animals that are in ESA are dogs, rodents, parrots, cats, pigs and rabbits. ESA is approved that is given to those people that are suffering from panic attacks, stress and depression, and many other disability problems. Such people is having these animals as their part of the treatment and this approval or the permission is given by the specialist in their letterhead in which their license number, date, and sign is very much found.

It is for the one year and after that you have to go through the checkup again and if you will be getting the positive result which means that you are getting the benefits then you are able to have this ESA approval again. The second act that is air carrier access act is very much similar to the housing act but it is used or the right that you have of this act is for the travelling and that also with the animals. If you like to visit to the other place then you are having the right to travel with your animals and you will be not charged any amount for your pet to travel with you. But for the travelling you have to have the ESA approval because it can be checked by any of the official person that you are travelling with the animal then you have the approval or not.

2016 Kenworth Truck Interiors

There are many reviews on the Internet that discuss the new capabilities and redesign of 2016 Kenworth trucks, and while power and strength is of the utmost importance in the trucking industry, what about the driver’s comfort? Whether you are running regional loads or hauling cross country, your comfort is paramount to your performance.

It’s not hard to understand why more drivers would, if given the choice, go to work in a Kenworth truck – as opposed to any other brand. From the headliner to the floor mats, the 2016 Kenworth trucks have been ergonomically designed for precise control, comfort, and productivity. The cabs are created to provide ample leg room, as well as elbow, knee, and belly room. Here’s a fun fact: 2016 Kenworth truck cabs are now 20% quieter than their predecessors.

Here are a few other highlights that all 2016 Kenworth trucks have to offer:

  • State of the art dashboards with oversized, simple to read controls and switches and multiplexed electronic instrumentation
  • Quick to read graphics and glare free, backlit gauges
  • Generously proportioned center consoles with plenty of room to store drinks, keys, and cells
  • Two 12 volt outlets located in the center console
  • High performance air conditioners/heaters that have motors mounted on the firewall to reduce noise in the cab
  • Contoured pedals and throttles to reduce leg strain on the driver

For its sleeper cabs, Kenworth has unapologetically gone the extra mile to offer the best in luxury and comfort to its drivers. 2016 Kenworth sleeper cabs are available in two different configurations: the efficient Kenworth Studio Sleeper and the more luxurious AeroCab Sleeper.

The floorplan of the Kenworth Studio Sleeper offers the ideal balance between comfort and business. It offers more room for seat adjustments and more room to recline. When you need to stand up and relax, you can guarantee that you will be doing it in style. The Studio Sleeper is equipped with wider, non-slip thresholds to assist you in maintaining a cleaner cab, and the entire cabin is outfitted with Kenworth’s patented QuietCab insulation to reduce cabin noise and ensure that you get a good night’s rest.

The 2016 Kenworth AeroCab Sleeper offers one of the most luxurious working environments in the industry today. It offers over 7 feet of headroom, space conserving features, and a flush, walkthrough sleeper sill. Double vented upper windows, skylights, and tinted picture windows are designed to expand your sense of natural space and allow you to rest in the comfort of natural light. The AeroCab Sleeper can be ordered in one or two bunk configurations, which makes it ideal for team drivers.

Perhaps the best aspect of 2016 Kenworth truck interiors is that there are as many ways to configure them as there are professional drivers on the road. To learn more about what the all-new 2016 Kenworth trucks have to offer, and to learn which cab configuration will work best for you, visit your local Kenworth dealership today.

How to qualify for an emotional support animal?

An emotional support animal is a person’s pet that has been recommended by a psychologist, a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. The animal is considered as a part of the treatment program to reduce the negative signs of any person’s disability. All domesticated animals may be eligible as an emotional support animal such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Further, they can be any age and these animals will not require any particular task-training. The presence of these animals can mitigate the symptoms linked with a person’s psychological disability. The animal should not create any nuisance and it want to be controlled in public. An individual who is legally qualified as an emotional disabled persona by a certified health professional is identified by a formatted emotional support animal letter. Medical doctor is not qualified to provide this kind of legal prescription letter. Some property managers and airlines accept a certification form completed by a family doctor.

Details need to be enclosed in the letter

The emotional support animal letter needs to state that you are presently his or her patient. Further, it should describe about your disability with one main life activity. The letter needs to contain about your treatment of mental disability established in the DSM IV or V. The emotional support animal letter is considered to be an important document that you want to prove that your pet is an ESA. Some apartment owners will not allow you to stay with your pets. In that case, you can show this confirmation letter that you are a disability person.

You want to make sure that the letter need to be issued by a licensed professional or else it cannot be considered as a valid document. The letter must be dated and include your professional expert’s license type, state in which the permit was provided. If your therapist is not willing to write such a document, you can find some certified agencies in the online sites. There are more numbers of licensed and reputed services are available in the internet for satisfying your needs in the best way. You have legal rights and protections to carry your emotional support animal to any place without any lawful issues.

Fly with your emotional support animal

The document should be dated no longer than 1 year from the departure date. You want to gain some useful information regarding emotional support animal letter as it helps you to find the right agency or professional effectively. It is possible to fly with your emotional support animal with the use of licensed document. Further, you have housing rights to stay with your support animal without any issues. Some public entities will not allow your ESA to accompany but, you can show your legal proof at any instance. It is important that you want to register your pet as an ESA and so you can obtain the letter in the best way. Legal animal registry councils declared some pets as an emotional support animal to make life easier for the disability persons.

Flexible Pavement with Exposed Aggregate

Whether its to go get a gallon of milk, fall off the children at soccer practice, or visit work, the majority people drive a vehicle everyday. And everyday that people vacation, we’re prone to drive a vehicle on a road that has been paved with concrete. Asphalt is a byproduct of crude-oil processing and is the area of choice for almost 94% of the routes in US. It is because concrete is a cheap, easily obtainable, and not too difficult to make use of materials. These explanations may assist the layman understand the large number of failure modes that such a sidewalk may encounter.

Failure Modes

A failure means of the sidewalk area seen as a outstanding dark stripes on the pavement’s area usually found in the course of car wheels. This type of failure is usually triggered extremely heat. This leads to the concrete to be squeezed out’of the void areas inside the mixture.

Prevent Breaking Failing function just like fatigue cracking which is seen as a big square blocks to the sidewalk area. This type of failure is due to thermal challenges, ageing streets, and inferior combination style.

Corrugation Failing means of that is seen as an ripples or waves from the other side of the tarmac area. The ripples happen perpendicular to the direction of traveling and normally happens near intersections or next to more stiff areas. This type of failure is due to extortionate wetness or inferior combination layout.

Break Failing means of the sidewalk area seen as a ‘gator’ formed splits or breaks. Such a split types advances upwards in the underparts of the the concrete coating. This type of disappointment outcomes from elevated wheel lots when a versatile tarmac is overly stiff or the temps happen to be too chilly. Additionally, it may result from poor layout or building.

Failing setting composed of extended simultaneous splits or fractures toward car visitors. Such a breaking is a questionnaire of fatigue cracking. This type of failure is due to inferior shared building or inferior combination layout.

Shining is a disappointment setting of the tarmac area comprising tough open aggregates. This type of failure is due to excessive recurrent visitors on an aging sidewalk program.

Burning is a deep failing setting just like raveling which is qualified from the lack of adhesion involving the road binder and aggregates in the underparts of the the tarmac level. This type of failure is due to low quality aggregates which could perhaps not be clear or contain an excessive amount of moisture.

Topdown BreakingFailing means of the sidewalk area seen as a surface cracks or fractures that got an absolute change in thickness as the level boosts. A similarity to failure is due to oxidation transmission of the concrete mixture. Additionally, it may result from the freeze and thaw procedure for plain water to the tarmac surface.

Winter Damage Failing means of the sidewalk area seen as an longitudinal breaks or fractures. In the beginning look it could possibly take recognizable from fatigue breaking. This type of disappointment outcomes from winter growth and shrinkage of the tarmac area as a result of substantial and fast adjustments in temperatures. Winter breaking can also be occasionally called transverse breaking.

How to Make the Most of a Small Dorm Room in College

Many college students are interested in having the complete experience, which is to say, living on campus in dorms as a way to meet new students and be nearer to classes and activities. Unfortunately, dorm rooms tend to be notoriously small, despite the fact that two or more students are crammed in together.

This can make for fast friendships or a tenuous existence, depending on your roommate – hopefully the former. Even so, you’re going to have extremely limited space in which to sleep, study, and live. This can put even genuine friendships to the test if one of (or both) of you is messy and disorganized.

What can you do to make the most of the limited space you have at your disposal? There are several tactics you might employ when your living space is the size of a shoe box.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Most dorms come pre-furnished with the basics: a bed, desk, and closet for each student. In some cases, however, you can configure these items in a variety of ways. For example, some beds may be elevated so you can put your desk underneath.

Chances are you’ll want to add some of your own furnishings, as well, though. Any pieces you bring to the space should be multifunctional. You might get chairs, stools, or ottomans for seating that feature storage underneath. What you probably don’t want is a giant beanbag chair that’s going to take up half the room.

Scalable Furniture

IKEA is a godsend for college students because their furniture is not only inexpensive; it’s also compact and scalable in many cases. What this means is that you can buy a small bookshelf and if you end up needing more storage, you can purchase another to stack on top, just for example.

In other words, you can scale up to additional items without any hassle because the pieces can stand alone or be combined with other pieces as needed.

Space Bags

Even though closet space is sure to be scarce in the dorm, you probably want to be as prepared as possible for the college experience in terms of your wardrobe. You might need clothing for both winter and for warmer months, or clothing for everyday use and for special occasions.

You’ll also have a variety of linens (sheets, towels, etc.). Vacuum seal space bags allow you to significantly reduce the size of the items you’re storing when they’re not in use. The only problem is that you’ll also need a vacuum, but a compact model should suffice.

Innovative Storage

It’s easy to forget that you have a lot of overhead space that could be used for storage. Unfortunately, you might be prohibited from putting nails or screws in walls for shelving or other storage options. There are other solutions, though. You can find over-bed vertical storage furniture, for example, or shelves that are meant to stack on a desk.

You can also put storage boxes or shoe racks under the bed and you can find a variety of storage solutions that hang over doors (for clothing, shoes, or other items). With little space for storage you have to put some thought into organization. If you attend USC online you may never have this problem, but for students in dorms, every space-saving innovation makes living there a little easier.

Merchant Accounts – What they are and how and who do they work for?

A merchant account is a line of credit issued by a bank that agrees to take payments for goods and services on behalf of the business. The company then receives a payment for the transaction, net of any reimbursements and commissions. There are several types of fees that you will need to be aware of before you choose to have a merchant account. Some of these fees include September by the merchant account provider; interchange fees, license fees, education fees, monthly minimum fees, dispensing fees, customer service fees, annual fees, early termination fees, and expenses chargeback.

High risk payment services provider fees are usually a small percentage that the merchant account provider charges beyond the interchange fees to enable the account. Interchange fees are determined to charge the paper supplier (such as Visa or MasterCard). The basic tariff plan has three levels that the plan according to the method of charges expenses used to “run the paper.” For example, if you swipes the card for business purchases and everything goes through as it should, you will be charged the base rate for such an operation. If the card is required in manual mode, you will be charged a higher rate. If the transaction is completed without the required documentation or the batch is settled in a timely manner, an even higher rate may be charged.

The fee for authorization for a merchant account what is the fee is charged for each card races. These fees generally run between $10 and $35 and can be loaded if the paper is accepted or rejected. These fees are detailed in the monthly declaration. The statement also contains a statement that tax is a flat fee (usually $5 to $10).

Usually, offshore merchant accounts have a minimum monthly fee. That this is a tax is warranted for the account to cover the costs of maintaining the account. For example, if the contract is for a minimum monthly fee of $10, but the whole of the operating expenses is only $5.00 so the merchant account provider can charge $5.00.

Every evening, the trader should “solve” their “batch” which means that only the batch of credit card transactions for the day is sent to the bank for payment. Some merchant account providers charge a fee for settlements and some providers only charge a fee for which the accounts are resolved “late” (after 48 hours).

Customer service fees, annual fees and early termination fees are self-explanatory. The customer service is the access to customer service fees, the annual fee is a yearly fee charged for the maintenance of the account, and the early termination fee is the fee charged for breaking that contract.

The last fee is charged for merchant accounts for a chargeback. A chargeback is a credit card fee that has been disputed by a customer. That the bank is holding the merchant account charges a fee of $25 – $50 plus the cost of the tax for any chargeback that occurs. Be sure to check your contract closely to the fees when you open a merchant account.

How to Pay For Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery in India is one of the most effective ways to get your life back in control, lose weight and move away from the dangerous precipice of life and death. There are many known cases where bariatric surgeons have literally given patients back their own sense of hope, freedom and importance; however, most insurance companies consider it an elective surgery so they don’t cover it. The problem with such a state of affairs is because the procedure doesn’t come really cheap. You must, therefore, look for a way to pay for this important treatment even though the best means is through an insurance program. Before you start looking for alternative methods of paying for bariatric surgery in India, don’t assume that you aren’t covered even though you suspect it.

Put your paperwork in place: Try and find out if there are chances that your insurance service provider covers the costs of bariatric surgery in India. If they do, you can be sure that they will have a strict system in place that has to be followed in order for the costs to be covered. This means therefore that your paperwork must be in order and give clear and detailed information about costs and who your bariatric surgeon is and making sure that all this information is presented to the insurance company in the correct order and format. You don’t want to get denied coverage simply because you made silly mistakes in your paperwork.

Appeal: If you are denied coverage for bariatric surgery in India, you are always free to appeal the decision; you could write an appeal and have the bariatric surgeon sign it you cannot afford to give up after the first denial. Most policyholders may not know that even though there could be a policy to deny coverage for bariatric surgery in India, perhaps they approve claims after appeals. You may consider this a shady way of doing things but your typical insurance company does everything to avoid getting into losses. Every claim that is made to them is a loss and they, therefore, will do anything that is legally acceptable to avoid making payments.

Financing: There are chances that your appeal can still be denied because it is possible that your insurance company doesn’t cover bariatric surgery in India under any circumstances. In this case, you will have to raise funds from different sources in order to pay your bariatric surgeon. Thankfully, there are bariatric surgeons that understand this state of affairs and they appreciate the financial challenges that their clients could be undergoing. Normally, it becomes easier to make regular payments instead of being expected to finance your bariatric surgery in India up front. Since this can be a life-saving operation, it is to your benefit to make any possible financing arrangements instead of saving up and paying up on your own.

Don’t be a Victim of Number Plate and Vehicle Cloning

Criminals at Work

Organised crime is undoubtedly on the rise in every sphere of society, also as far as duplication of number plates and car cloning for criminal purposes are concerned. Criminals find it easier all the time to use car identity theft to stay out of trouble with the authorities.

A car’s registration plate identifies the vehicle in terms of ownership. When criminals steal or clone other owners’ plates, they do so in order to carry out any number of crimes, thereby avoiding possible intervention by the authorities.

Often an unsuspecting vehicle owner finds out that his/her car was cloned only when they, for instance, receive a speeding or parking fine. The alarm bells go off once they realise they never travel the road on which the offense took place, or they never visit the specific parking area where the vehicle in question received a ticket. How does this happen? Most likely a form of cloning!


To avoid being recognised by ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technologies, criminals use cloning to stay clear of the police. Example: A stolen car is fitted with the plates of a car belonging to someone else, meaning the authorities will have a hard time identifying which car the plates belong to, and even more so if the criminals match the number plates to the same model, make and colour of the other vehicle. Many industry leaders are in agreement that ANPR technologies are making life more difficult for criminals, therefore they resort to cloning to avoid being caught, whether it’s because they drive stolen vehicles or because they’re carrying out other criminal activities.

Unwitting Buyers

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and may try to sell stolen vehicles to unsuspecting clients, often a vehicle with forged number plates. A popular method is using the number plates of written-off vehicles.

How to best avoid becoming a Victim

Even though there are no absolute guarantees, a number of precautions may help protect the public from falling victim to these unscrupulous criminals:

  • Try anti-theft screws to keep your plates attached to your vehicle – always check that your plates are indeed still attached to your vehicle;
  • When you receive fines that do not match the roads you travel on, or if your number plates and make and model on the fine don’t match, contact the police immediately;
  • When buying a car, only purchase from reputable dealers, be sure you verify all details pertaining to the vehicle you’re purchasing, such as checking VIN’s and V5C’s for authenticity.
  • Make sure the car is actually the one that is described as being the correct one for sale.

Be Aware
If you’re hoping someone would buy my car, online car buying companies often offer a safer & more secure transaction, than dealing with a private individual. Criminals are constantly finding new, better ways to dupe law-abiding citizens; regularly check your number plates and run checks on every car you want to buy to try and minimise the likelihood of becoming a victim.